A number of gaming accessories are available at discounted prices from November until black friday 2022 sale. Keyboards, mice, speakers, controllers, and more will be available at a discount to interested gamers who want to upgrade their experience.

These products are currently on sale, and chances are they will remain so until this year’s Black Friday rolls around in a few weeks. What are some of the best products for a variety of gamers? This article will detail five of the best gaming accessory deals available right now.

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What gaming accessories can you get now for Black Friday 2022?

1) Razer Huntsman V2 Analog Gaming Keyboard

  • Price in detail: $249.99
  • Sale price: $199.48
  • Available at: Amazon

Many Razer products are on sale for up to 50% off, so it was pretty hard to pick my favorite. First, I went with this keyboard because it’s the same accessory I use. It’s one I know and trust, and I certainly enjoy using the Razer Huntsman V2 analog Gaming keyboard. The plush magnetic wrist rest allows me to work/play for hours without sacrificing comfort or performance.

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The keys have a satisfying click (Razer analog optical switches), and it even has a USB 3.0 passthrough, letting you connect devices directly to it instead of taking up a slot on your PC. The keys are sturdy and feel great when pressed. Plus, there are plenty of RGB options for those interested in lighting. It’s a great choice for a Black Friday 2022 purchase.

2) Microsoft Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller

  • Price in detail: $59.99
  • Sale price: $47.99
  • Available at: Xbox

Easily one of the best and most reliable controllers for your PC, the Xbox Series X|S Wireless is great whether you’re using Microsoft’s console or hooking it up to a PC. The textured grip is amazing and its hybrid D-pad is reliable.

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Additionally, gamers rarely get to see official Xbox or PlayStation controllers on sale at a reasonable price. It’s time to take advantage of it, even if it’s a minor sale. It will likely stay that way until Black Friday 2022, so don’t miss it.

3) Sony Inzone H7 Wireless Gaming Headset

  • Price in detail: $229.99
  • Sale price: $148.00
  • Available at: Amazon

This is probably the cheapest price this helmet has ever been. It offers a 40 hour lifespan on a full charge and supports both Bluetooth and wireless connections for PC and PlayStation 5 consoles. It’s a relatively new headset, but it still looks and feels the its terrific.

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The Inzone, which is likely on sale until Black Friday 2022, has 360-degree spatial audio, so you can always detect where a sound is coming from, making it even more useful for some multiplayer games. It features a soft headband and an ergonomic design, making it an ideal purchase for Black Friday 2022.

4) Logitech G502 Hero Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Price in detail: $79.99
  • Sale price: $34.99
  • Available at: Amazon

A good mouse can be incredibly expensive, but luckily that’s not the case. The Logitech G502 Hero is a quality mouse at a reasonable price. It has an adjustable DPI between 100 and 16,000 and has 11 customizable buttons. You can even customize its weight, depending on whether you want a heavier or lighter feel for your mouse.

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If you’re interested in a great mouse at a great price, this Black Friday 2022 buy is right up your alley. Logitech featured several big sales this month as well for a variety of items in their catalog.

5) SanDisk 128GB microSD card

  • Price in detail: $34.99
  • Sale price: $18.25
  • Available at: Amazon

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have enough hard drive space to put all your favorite games in one place. Therefore, the most suitable solution is to get a cheap but high performance microSD card. This card from SanDisk will work with a Switch without issue, and 128GB is more than enough to store a wide assortment of games from your vacation purchases/holiday gifts.

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The SanDisk card offers 100MB/s read speeds and 90MB/s write speeds, so you’ll spend less time accessing and saving your favorite Switch games.

This, of course, is just a sampling of the accessories that will be on sale during Black Friday 2022. Be sure to stay tuned for sportskeeda as we continue to cover the best upcoming sales throughout the holidays.

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