While a bedroom these days can serve as an occasional office, a real bedroom should be more of an oasis and a place to dream (day or night). Indeed, the way you design the most relaxing space in your home has to reflect vibes of on-the-go sanctuary. And don’t serve as a stressful reminder of how much money you spent to make it look like this.

Fortunately, looks with a calming and daring design don’t have to drain your bank account. Namely, this week’s trending Instagram looks can all be purchased for under $ 300!

Ready to modernize your bedroom without breaking the bank? We bring you five fantastic and inspiring design ideas for one low cost.

1. Bedside lamp

Okay, that may not exactly match the bill for the bedside bar where you can grab a vodka martini. Yet we still think this vertical lamp from @ninakecki is an amazing way to spruce up and modernize your bedroom with an eye-catching profile.

“This bedside bar lamp works well in a bedroom with a certain ‘Japanese’ or Scandinavian influence,” explains the designer. Amanda Oninski, from FLOOR360. “It’s an elegant line that produces super warm light, which can give an overall minimalist monochrome feel. [It] is truly the ultimate in form and function.

Have the look: Add some sparkle to your bedside lighting with this Nordic style lamp.

2. Olive paneling

Nothing uplifts a small bedroom like a bold, fresh coat of paint on the walls, especially if that paint is a warm olive accented by adorable wainscoting, as seen in this perfect bedroom brought to you by @greenbank_interiors.

“Biophilic design continues to inspire design solutions like olive-colored paneling with its ability to provide contour and definition to bedroom walls,” says Oninski. “The olive color palette will create a bold statement while remaining neutral and serene. This makes it an ideal shade for bedrooms.

Have the look: Add paneling to the lower half of your bedroom walls. Then buy our favorite shade of olive, better known as Bancha.


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3. False four-poster bed

Want a royal upgrade on a poor budget? Then you may just need to install lush curtains to mimic a four poster bed. The only proof you need is this glamorous shot brought to you by @postcardsbyhannah.

“It’s no secret that curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor create the illusion that your room is taller than it is,” explains the designer. Andra DelMonico, by Trendey. “These extra long curtains have a touch of whimsy. And the high quality fabric and trims give a room a sense of class.

Have the look: Bring more height and sophistication to your room with this bohemian sheer macrame canopy.

4. Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall

You probably won’t be using these three mirrors featured by @mydiyhappyhome to look at your reflection. But you’ll love the way they frame your bedroom ensemble.

“Hanging decor on your wall in odd numbers gives your room a creative and interesting look,” says DelMonico. “It’s also easier to space them out than to try to hook an even number perfectly. People generally find arrangements with odd numbers to be more visually appealing and memorable than a collection of even items.

Plus, three is a magic number when it comes to design, adds DelMonico. So take advantage of the prime number with looping mirrors.

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5. Floor pouf XL

Do you want an elegant and ultra-comfortable bedroom decoration? Heck yeah, you do. Then try this wonderfully large floor ottoman from @ the_boho_door_at24.

“A huge floor ottoman is perfect for giving your room an organic feel,” says DelMonico. “It works well in a luxurious, bohemian, or even a farmhouse designed room. The oversized design makes it comfortable, while also serving as a unique decorative piece.

Have the look: Go big, bold and ottoman-tastic with this Yolanda tufted velvet ottoman.

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