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Your home should be your sanctuary. The best homes are usually those that are carefully prepared with things residents love, items that bring them joy or inspiration. While a piece of furniture or interior design does not have to be high end to meet these criteria, it certainly helps that many designer and luxury items are made with more intention, more care. than those which are produced in large quantities and sold by the millions. Higher quality equates not only to higher value, but also longevity and uniqueness. The way you decide to furnish your home speaks volumes. It speaks to their taste: do they taste good? Or maybe that perfect amount of bad taste? Also, gallery walls and tabletop sculptures shouldn’t have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to adding decorum and personality to your space. Furniture can be just as stylish and artistic as it should be functional and useful. Where one person sees a coffee table, another sees an art installation. Consider the expectations for the furniture raised. From high-end wood furniture to modern finds, here are 29 luxury furniture brands that are setting the new standard.

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With several best-selling items, designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz could well be the king and queen of Amazon furniture. The brand’s Marion canopy bed frame is an example of their sleek and sophisticated designs.

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Design enthusiasts will know Brabbu. This, the Newton tub, is just one of the many jaw-dropping items they’ve created.


Fendi Casa

Still one of the coolest fashion brands, Fendi’s home line proves their artistry goes far beyond handbags and bobs. Although most Fendi Casa products do not feature the brand’s signature print, it is instantly recognizable on the Brigitte Fur Armchair.



The innovative designers at Henge manage to outdo themselves with each new release. Objects like the Blade Bookshelf are true statement pieces around which an entire room can be centered.


Tov Furniture

Tov Furniture manufactures products designed to last while adapting to the trendiest aesthetic. This side chair, for example, is a bestseller on Amazon.

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Catering equipment

Another widely known brand, Restoration Hardware has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most trusted suppliers of home goods. Over the decades, they continue to bring the same quality to ever-modern styles, such as the Graydon Shagreen shelter bed.


Nathan James

An A-shaped bookshelf like the Carlie Bookshelf by Nathan James is a practical and stylish way to store your favorite reading and knick-knacks. Best of all, Nathan James products are highly regarded by thousands of Amazon customers. All the product has at least four stars.

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Knoll works with renowned architects and designers around the world to create expertly designed pieces for clients. This table by designer Eero Saarinen, which seats six, is available in different base and top options, including granite, wood and marble.


What do you get when you combine art with interiors? Interiors. This brand is loved by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Jessica Alba. Here, the Trainor Bar Car showcases the Arteriors’ penchant for metallic accents.


Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo has made a name for itself for its very exclusive luxury items, such as the stunning Heritage sideboard. Their collections are made up entirely of artfully designed pieces like this one.



From outdoor furniture and textiles to wall art and planters, Rivet offers some of Amazon’s most stylish household items. The Sloane leather armchair balances a timeless aesthetic with ultimate comfort for a living room staple.

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Home essential

If chic is what you’re looking for, look no further than Essential Home, where each product looks more spectacular and enviable than the last. Take the example of the Kelly Bar Chair, inspired by the film Casablanca.


Jonathan adler

Let true design guru Jonathan Adler imagine this Neo Geo beverage table. Scrolling through Adler’s website will give you all the interior design inspiration you could hope for.



This Naxos glass mirror console table could be used as a table, but it is also suitable as a freestanding sculpture. Forward-thinking Amazon brand Zuri offers styles ranging from futuristic bed frames to ergonomic office chairs.

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Modern made to measure

Benchmade Modern is known for its custom modular sofa systems, but who could resist the Murray Coffee Table?


Floyd Home

There is something so satisfying about a well-designed shelving system, and Floyd Home are known to make them particularly well. Of course, you really can’t go wrong with any of their furniture.



Arhaus was founded on the principle that furniture should be made sustainably and sustainably, and these are values ​​we can stand up for. The result: beautiful furniture that also tells a story, like this Cahlo multimedia console, made with recycled copper by artisans in Mexico.



Buy it for its looks, but you will fall in love with the Akili swivel chair for its cozy comfort. Pannow, which offers furniture in addition to a wide range of other products, manufactures items based on customer feedback.

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A favorite among influencers, CB2 is one of the most popular furniture brands in recent history. But their products, like the Hera Marble Desk with Shelves, live up to the hype.


Burke Decor

For designer quality items without a “request for quote” exclusivity, check out Burke Decor. This Rodney desk is made from reclaimed fruitwood and tempered glass.


West Industry

Industry West combines their bold and fashionable styles with an emphasis on the customer experience. From mid-century dining sets to this adorable Dior ottoman, Industry West is a design dream come true.


Lulu and Georgia

Lulu & Georgia boasts styles that are both ahead of the trends and accessible to everyone, so that everyone can build the bedroom of their dreams. One of the brand’s bestsellers is the Nia bed, which is both simplistic and beautiful.


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