There’s nothing cozier than basking in the warm glow of a fireplace, especially when the winter nights arrive. Book in one hand, hot chocolate in the other, you can almost hear the crackling.

Whether you have a fully functional Victorian fireplace, a modern electric fireplace, or an empty fireplace that needs styling, we believe the right tools, accessories, and decor can totally transform how it looks and functions.

If you have a working wood burning fireplace and a supply of kindling, you need all the tools to start a fire quickly, easily and safely. You also need to make the most of your fireplace surround and dress it to match the aesthetics of your interior.

For modern fireplaces and empty fireplaces, it all depends on the decor and how you style the area above and around it. “The fireplace has always been the centerpiece of the living room, and with a little care and attention, you can turn it into a stunning focal point,” says Sam Hood, co-founder and creative director at Amara.

What fireplace accessories do I need?

When it comes to maintaining a fireplace or keeping a fire going all evening long, there are essential accessories to have on hand. Pokers, fire baskets, and spark screens are all essential for getting a fire started in a snap (don’t forget a well-stocked log supply, either). Having everything ready to go means there’s minimal fuss or delay when you want to get grilled.

It’s also important to remember that in most homes, the fireplace is a strong visual focal point, especially when a fire is lit. As such, it’s essential to choose accessories that not only function as practical fireplace tools, but also look great.

“The most important fireplace accessories to have are those that complement the style of your fireplace,” says Owen Pacey, founder of Renaissance London. “Make sure they draw the eye to the fireplace and any corbels or details on the jambs. The best place to start is with the wings. Go for antique or vintage styles with lots of character. Distressed fabric upholstery, metal stud detailing and quality metalwork are signs of a good pair. If your fireplace is particularly ornate, get carried away with a filigree style or stick to an Art Deco or more angular and understated style with a simpler mantel.

Art and ornaments are also important fireplace accessories. “A large painting or photograph hung the same width as the fireplace will create a balanced, thoughtful look,” says Owen. “Statement, contemporary art looks very cool with antique or reproduction fireplaces.”

Andrea Waters, Head of Brands at Portmeirion notes that you can style your fireplace even when it’s not actively in use: “A vase of flowers is a beautiful addition to every fireplace. Display a bright bouquet of colorful plants in the center of your fireplace to create a fun, welcoming and happy atmosphere in your bedroom – perfect for the summer months when your fire is not in use.

When should I replace my fireplace accessories?

If you invest in high quality fireplace accessories and tools, they should have an incredibly long lifespan. Strong materials like iron mean the fireplace tool sets are ultra-durable and shouldn’t easily tarnish or break. This means that you can only replace your fireplace accessories as and when you feel like it. If you live in a period property and have a traditional fireplace, having classic fixtures should mean they don’t really need replacing.

When it comes to fireplace decor and fireplace tool sets that are more decorative than practical, updating them is entirely based on how you want the room to look, which will vary over time. times depending on the season and during the complete overhaul of your interior.)

“Good quality fenders and beautiful artwork should last a lifetime, but as your tastes change, so should the items you have in your home.” Fire pits are surprisingly versatile in terms of style or aesthetics, so rethinking your accessories can give your fire pit a whole new look,” comments Owen.

Style your fireplace

Garlands can be used to dress up a fireplace, just like lanterns. At Christmas, stockings can be hung over the fireplace for a traditional touch. These quick and easy changes can completely change the look of your fireplace, ideal if you like to switch things up.

“Candles are a perfect way to add elegance and sophistication to your decor,” says Sam, “they can be used to add height to decorations, as well as a warm glow when the fire is on. even is not lit.

‘You have a little more flexibility when decorating the hearth, the bottom of the fireplace. Although the symmetry is also beautiful here, you can create a mini display with a selection of three items such as candles, ornaments or other luxury home accessories. Groups of three resonate very well and we find them particularly satisfying to watch.


The Fireplace Wreath – Best Fireplace Accessories

Artificial Eucalyptus Garland with Lights

Add some greenery to your fireplace for a fresh look that works year round. It is 1.8 meters long and includes 20 battery operated LED lights for a magical effect.


The Heavy Duty Log Basket – Best Fireplace Accessories

Log basket Elma in rattan


Crafted from a durable weave and featuring a twist handle, this sturdy log basket adds rustic appeal to your fireplace and keeps everything neat and tidy.


The Traditional Fire Screen – Best Fireplace Accessories

Polished brass quadruple firewall

Timeless polished brass and a traditional design make this a truly classic fireplace accessory. Simple yet elegant panels allow you to enjoy the warmth of a fire while protecting you from debris.


The Log and Kindling Bucket – Best Fireplace Accessories

Log bucket and kindling


There are three parts to this handy set: a wood bucket, a log bucket and a pot for the matches. Talk about getting what you pay for.


Fireplace Lanterns – Best Fireplace Accessories

Nerja steel candle lantern in gold


If you have a now defunct fireplace, but still crave a warm glow, we suggest filling the space with lanterns. Available in two sizes, this lantern looks great on its own or grouped together.


The Contemporary Fire Screen – Best Fireplace Accessories

Rectangular fire screen


This modern screen in matte black finish is perfect for contemporary interiors. It keeps sparks away while letting heat into the room.


The Fireside Accessory Set – Best Fireplace Accessories

Ivyline Iron Fireside Companion Set

John Lewis and partners


A set of four essential tools with extra long handles. Even better, this set is made of solid iron. What more could you want?


The Fireplace Mirror – Best Fireplace Accessories

Apartment Arch Wall Mirror 70x70cm Black



Simple yet effective, this arched mirror will add light and depth to your room. By placing it on your fireplace, you increase the visual height of your fireplace and also add a touch of modernity.


The Traditional Wood Basket – Best Fireplace Accessories

Hand woven kindling basket

This sturdy wicker basket has all the space you need for kindling. It is lined with burlap to keep your floor clean and tidy.


The Match Holder – Best Fireplace Accessories

Sandstone Match Holder and Strike Set


Keep your matches handy and ready to go with this two-in-one stand and striker set. We love the Scandinavian-inspired design and the contrast between the cream glaze and the textured background.


The Kindling Cracker – Best Fireplace Accessories

Ignition cracker

Split wood and kindling safely and easily, without the need for an axe. This cracker is made from high quality Indian iron which means it is guaranteed to last the test of time.


The Petite Fireplace Tool Set – Best Fireplace Accessories

5 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set

A traditional set of five must-have fireplace accessories that are both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. It includes tongs, a poker, a brush and a shovel, as well as a stand.


The Log Rack – Best Fireplace Accessories

Wood Rack – Black – Large

Logs have never looked so good. This vertical rack saves floor space, and with three large and three small hoops, there’s plenty of room to hold logs of varying sizes – all while looking great thanks to the black metal frame.


The Chimney Cleaning Kit – Best Chimney Accessories

Jutland dustpan and brush


Keep ashes at bay with this handy combination of a nylon bristle brush and a steel dustpan. Long handles mean you’ll be able to grab easily while using.


The Electric Stove – Best Fireplace Accessories

Haverstraw Three Column Electric Stove

If you’ve long since closed your fireplace, an electric stove like this is a great way to recreate the crackle and glow of a real wood fire. Just enough to keep you warm in the colder months.


The practical log holder – Best fireplace accessories

log carrier


If you cut your own wood, you need a convenient way to bring it inside with you. That’s where this log rack comes in. Large and sturdy, it will carry enough wood to keep your fire going for several nights in a row.


The fireplace insert – Best fireplace accessories

Small original Victorian insert


If you’re renovating a fireplace in a period property, you can’t do better than this original Victorian cast iron insert. A brilliant way to add character to your fireplace.

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