If you’re looking for a new creative project, we’ve got you covered. Making DIY wall decor is a great way to do crafts while Also save money and the planet.

When you think about how to make your home feel like home, pictures, art, and greenery probably come to mind. But instead of buying wall decor from overstock stores like TJ Maxx or Home Goods, fill your walls using your DIY skills and upcycled materials.

Upcycling is a great way to keep trash out of landfills. Moreover, he turns trash into treasure by creating something completely new. Need inspiration? Check out these DIY wall decor ideas and create your own recycled, eco-friendly art.

11 DIY Wall Decor Ideas

1. Paper Bag Stars


If you’ve recently converted to using a reusable bag to bring your lunch to the office, you may still have brown paper bags left over. Instead of throwing them away, you can cut them up and reshape them into stars for your wall! Pair them with wicker baskets in different shapes and sizes for a bohemian feel.

I loved the economical DIY textile wall art trend and a

2. Textile wall art

textile wall art
Photo: TikTok/@livinwithmb

Textile wall art is all the rage, but store-bought pieces can cost up to $400. Luckily, you can make your own using upcycled textiles, whether it’s a cute napkin, rug, sweater, and more.

3. Bohemian-Inspired Wicker Wall Hanging

Photo: Love Rebecca W

This DIY uses wicker placemats and colorful yarn and textiles to create a beautiful wall piece. Simply cut a wicker doily in half and use the half circles as a base.

Then glue yarn or textiles of your choice to the back of the placemat and cut the fabric so it looks even when hanging on your wall.

4. Recycled Record Wall Art


Calling all music lovers: this is the DIY for you! Records are making a comeback and you can use them as wall decorations.

Check your local thrift stores and flea markets for used records that are too scratched to play. When you have a selection you like, just stick them to the wall. You can organize the recordings any way you want!

5. Recycled Bulletin Board

diy bulletin board
Photo: Tina Le

Do you have an old rug you want to get rid of? Or did you see a fun pattern at the thrift store, but don’t have room for it? Take an old rug and turn it into something totally new: wall art! This tutorial guides you step by step.

6. Recycled Macrame Wall Hanging


Keep textiles out of landfills with this easy DIY! Old clothes you’re looking to get rid of will be a perfect fit for this fabric hanging piece.

It’s economical and eco-friendly, using a branch to hold the fabric. Get creative with different colors, textures and lengths.

7. Shoebox Wall Shelf


This DIY wall shelf uses shoeboxes – yes, shoeboxes! The tutorial recommends thicker boxes as they make the shelf stronger.

It’s perfect for lightweight items like small vases and flowers. And you can repaint and decorate the shelves as you wish – you have full creative control!

8. Retro Ring and Wire Wall Art

Photo: Wilo Grove

To create this retro wall art, you will need threads and wooden embroidery hoops. You can usually find hoops at the thrift store just waiting for a good home.

Plus, the hoops come in different sizes, so you can customize this design however you like! And if you don’t have yarn, try using twine, twine, or textiles, whatever you have on hand.

9. Framed Pressed Flowers

DIY wall art
Photo: Etsy/AnaGlassDesign

Another great wall art DIY (which could also be the perfect gift for a loved one!) is framed pressed flowers. Choose dried flowers, such as eucalyptus or pansies, and place them in a clear glass frame. You can customize the floral design and choose different shapes or sizes for your frame.

10. Mirror frame with wooden skewers or sticks

DIY wall art
Photo: Mirian Rocha

Wooden skewers are often used to hold food together. From skewers to fruit cubes, they are perfect for many dishes. And now they can be used to create a frame for your mirror!

If you have some on hand that you don’t plan on using, this is a great way to breathe new life into them. Simply lay out and glue the wooden sticks to an old frame. You can even try using popsicle sticks instead of throwing them in the trash or sticks you find outside.

11. Dried Floral Wall Hanging

diy wall art
Photo: My traveling house

If you have recently pruned the trees in your garden, collect some of the sticks and small branches. You can use them to create this floral wall piece.

You will need dried flowers and twine or twine to tie them to the stick. Place the flowers upside down, so they’re hanging from their stems, and you’ll have a colorful design for your home in no time!

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