While the Switch Lite (and even the full-size Nintendo Switch) is small enough to fit into a relatively small bag, it’s not the best idea if you have games, cables, charging packs, and more. crammed in there. too much. the Nintendo Switch Lite – Orzly Protective Case (£ 10) is a cheap and user-friendly option for storing everything you need to enjoy your Switch Lite on your travels.

There’s also a standard Switch option: the Nintendo Switch carrying case (£ 10). In addition to protecting your Switch from all the bumps and bruises in your bag, it uses elastic and zippered pockets to help you store your key accessories.

Price: £ 10 | Amazon | Orzly

8Bitdo SN30 Pro + Wireless Gamepad

the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro + Wireless Gamepad (£ 40) is a great alternative to the Joy Cons or Nintendo Switch Pro controller – delivering a nostalgic look in a small size. This 8Bitdo controller is more than just a good look, its ultimate software allows you to implement custom button mapping, adjust trigger and stick sensitivity, change vibration control, and even create macro commands. If you’ve always wanted a bunch of customization options for your Nintendo Switch controller experience, the SN30 Pro + offers plenty to choose from.

Price: £ 40 | Amazon

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller